Check out the 45 great events we had in our 2016 festival, in neighbourhoods throughout the city.

To learn about the artists and presenters listed in the events, sample their work, and watch their videos, visit our Culture Makers page.

For an index of types of culture (dance, theatre, food, shopping, etc.) see the very bottom of this page.

N O V E M B E R  2 0
3 - 5 PM
Davisville /
Mt. Pleasant

$15 suggested donation
The Yellow Door (RaeAnn & Noel's house)
526 Soudan Ave

What the Folk?

Folk, country and traditional house concert with Danielle Knibbe and The Barrel Boys.
4:30 - 6:30 PM
Junction Triangle

$5 suggested donation for live music; $10 if not bringing food.
Perth Possibilities
(Suzanne's house)

408 Perth Ave.,
2nd Fl.
International Vegetarian Potluck & Concert

With live music by sitar master Dr. Lata Swarn and songwriter Greg Clarke. Bring a dish to share from your heritage - appetizer, drinks, main dish, sides, or dessert. And tell us the story behind it!
5:45 - 8:30 PM
Trinity Bellwoods

$15 entrance fee
Secret location!
Apply here to attend.

Cats in the home.

Adults only please.
Secret Sofar Show

Put on by our partners Sofar Sounds. Address was be sent to attendees at the last minute; performers were revealed at the show: Ivy Mairi, Kaia Kater, Dieufaite Charles, Maryem Toller project
6:30 - 9 PM
Little Portugal

Sliding scale $10-25
Studio 307
(Carlie's house)
1544 Dundas St. West Apt 307, buzz code 9
Map  Wheelchair accessible.
Carlie Howell & The DeHarms

Original folk-jazz compositions by Carlie Howell (double bass, voice) together with Harley Card (guitar).
7:30 - 11 PM
The West Bend

$7 suggested donation for non-performers
Michael's loft # 501

Dundas West Arts Building
2466 Dundas St. W. First loft on top floor


Catweazle Open Stage

All performers of music, poetry, comedy, etc. welcome at this magical gathering based on the legendary club of the same name in Oxford, England. Everyone comes together for an up-close, participatory experience of artistic sharing and warm-fuzzy vibes! There'll be a featured set by Hopeful Monster (Jason Ball), a beautiful piano for all you ivory-ticklers, and pay-what-you-should drinks.

N O V E M B E R  2 1
Vigil 5 PM
Queen's Park

Afterparty 8 - 9:30
Christie & Dupont

$10 suggested donation; less or free if bringing food and / or coming from vigil.
Heather & Michelangelo's house
85 Melville Ave.


All proceeds will go to and the performer.
Climate Vigil After-Party and Concert

Vigils against the Kinder Morgan pipeline are happening across Canada today. Gather afterwards and keep the spirit going over food, rousing music by Tom Kovacs and conversation with Katie Krelove from global climate group If you like, bring food to share.

N O V E M B E R  2 2
7 - 830 PM
West Bend / Junction

$20 donation
Lata's apartment.
61 Heintzman St.
Buzz Code 1230

Age 18+
Group Healing and Music Meditation

Energy healing and live sitar meditation by Dr. Lata Swarn. Space is limited, so reserve a place here.
8 - 10 PM

$10 suggested donation
Schlangrilah (Soozi's art studio)
648 Bloor St. W.


Cats in the home.
Soozi Schlanger and the Soul Maître D's
Story-Songs and Song-Paintings

Songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Soozi Schlanger, Lawrie Ingles, and Henry Lees playing together, with Sharon Tiessen, cello. A convergence of creativity!

N O V E M B E R  2 3
7:30 - 10 PM
Richmond and Spadina

$20 suggested donation
PH8 (Lee & Stephen's penthouse)
388 Richmond St. W. PH8 Buzz code 245 Map
Mature kids welcome.
Cat in the home.
Flute Stories

Michael Boulger: improvised, hilarious, and interactive theatrical storytelling; and Jamie Thompson: many kinds of music on flutes from around the world.
8 - 11 PM
St. Clair and Old Weston

$5 donation
Taylor & Bryn's house
Email for details.
Space is wheelchair accessible; bathroom is not. Ages 12+ please.
Silverthorn Shindig With Taylor & Bryn

Intimate open stage and concert in a gorgeous sound-proofed studio space! Featured acts: Lora Ryan, Callan Furlong, and the acoustic harmony & beatboxing of Taylor & Bryn. Light snacks provided; feel free to bring your own. 

T H U R S D A Y 
N O V E M B E R  2 4 
5 - 8:30 PM
Roncesvalles Village

$10 suggested donation
The Wiggle Room (Raph & Bea's pad) 2237A Dundas St. W. 

Shadow Puppetry Workshop

Learn how to make shadow puppets and then put on a little show. Raph and Bea will supply materials, instruction, and snacks. No experience necessary.
8 - 9:30 PM
Roncesvalles Village

$10 suggested donation
The Wiggle Room
(Raph & Bea's pad)
2237A Dundas St. W.

Puppet Jam

A shadow puppet show (from the above workshop), and creative, gentle, and hilarious music by Erik Sedore and Doug Tielli.
6:30 - 9:15 PM
Roncesvalles Village

$10 for the live music
plus food to share if you can
Maria's house
88 Westminster Ave.


Cats in the home.
Neighbourhood Potluck and Concert with The Wanted

Dinner, community, conversation, and live music by The Wanted! Non-neighbours welcome.
6:30 - 10:30

Donation-based event
Eric & Alusha's place
#37 Lindens,
100 Bain Avenue


Cat in the home.
RSVP here
Dinner & Concert at the Bain Co-op 

Enjoy dinner and a concert with 'The Space Between' (aka Eric Sorenson & Sonja Seiler). Eric & Sonja have prepared a beautiful vegetarian meal and a meaty set of music for your eating and listening pleasure.
7 - 10 PM
Brockton Village

$20 suggested donation
Marcel's house
1189 College St.

Salon on College

Marcel Hoff (classical piano), Chris Banks Trio (Jazz), and an open conversation on whatever's on people's hearts and minds.
7 - 10 PM
$15 entrance fee. Please book in advance as seating is limited.
Jason & Catherine's house 
239 John St.
Enter by front door
Cats in home.
House Concert in Weston Village

Chamber pop with Hopeful Monster: Jason on his century Heintzman upright piano, accompanied by violinist Randy Lee and cellist Alex McMaster.

N O V E M B E R  2 5
7:30 - 9 PM
(Potluck supper 6:30)
West Bend

Caroline's house
570 Indian Rd.

West Bend Social

Monthly social for residents of the West Bend neighbourhood. If you like, come early (6:30) for a potluck dinner, and stay after for three live music acts! (See Songwriters night below)
7 - 9:45 PM
Dufferin Grove

$20 suggested donation
Sara & Adam's house
132 Concord Ave.
Ring bell
There's a separate space for kids.
Salon on Concord

Quirky Jazz-Classical piano compositions by Marcel Aucoin, a conversation with IRBE / Toronto Tool Library, experimental trumpet by Nicole Rampersaud, and great food by Sara!
7:30 - 10:30 PM
Dufferin Grove

$20 suggested donation
Mad Rusholme (Trudy and Justina's house)


Enter the front gate and ring top doorbell.
Please don't ring other doorbells.

There's a separate space for kids.
Cats in the home.
Words and Music I

Writing workshop with Charlotte Ashley and live jazz with Lydia Persaud and Chris Prudden. Bring your works in progress! Your host – editor, critic, bookseller, and author, Charlotte Ashley – will read, anonymously, the first 250 words (about 1 page) out loud. Participants are then invited to provide friendly, constructive feedback. Style, craft, and marketability will all be addressed. Come ready to ask questions and share experiences! We'll end with a general Q+A on a writer's life from outlining to publication. All levels, genres, styles, mediums welcome!
7:30 PM
Oakwood Village

$5 suggested
Melinda & Rosemary's house
16 Mulberry Crescent
Enter side door.
There's a separate kids' space. Cat in the home.
A Women's Gathering: Exploring Vulnerability Through the Arts

Music, poetry, and more. For self-identified women only.
7:30 - 9:45 PM
Forest Hill South

$10 suggested donation
Cora's Parlour
Email for details.

Multiple chemical sensitivity home: no chemical perfume please. Children must be closely monitored.
leslie ramsay taylor Rocks The Sale!

Indoor garage sale for Cora's Lyme treatment, with performance by radical rock/folk/blues songwriter leslie ramsey taylor. Come sing, talk, share, and barter or buy cool stuff for a good cause. 
8 - 10 PM

$10 suggested donation

Schlangrilah (Soozi's art studio)
648 Bloor St. W.


Cats in the home.
Piano Salon with Maneli Jamal

Monthly house concert series at the home art studio of Swamperella's Soozi Schlanger. Food, socializing, scratchy 45's spinning, art everywhere, and amazing fingerstyle guitar by Maneli Jamal.
8 - 10 PM
Little India


Keaton's house

Reserve your spot.

18+ only please.
Cat in the home.
Digestible Culture

A video art film festival in which three artists showcase films they were challenged to make in just 30 days out of found footage they'd never seen before. Eat, drink, and watch a selection of the footage the artists were given, before seeing the new work, followed by Q&A with the artists.
8:30 - 10:30 PM
West Bend

$10 suggested donation
Caroline's house
570 Indian Rd.

Songwriters Night

John Victor, Katey Morley, and Sue Seguin, will all play for you in Caroline's cozy kitchen!

N O V E M B E R  2 6
3 - 5 PM
Deer Park

$10 suggested donation

Zohar Textile Art (Mitzi, Mark, Emily, and Zachary's house)
84 Duggan Ave.
Dog in the home.
Let Them Eat Cake

A knitting circle with conversation, live music on the grand piano by Michael Holt, readings from Dickens, singing by Mitzi, and of course, cake. If you're a knitter, bring a 6" knit or crocheted square, or make a square here. The squares will become a blanket for this projectNon-knitters also welcome for the music and company!
4 - 8 PM
The Junction

$5 suggested
Norman Perrin's Apartment
2870 Dundas St West Unit 214
Buzz code 1214

No kids, please.

Accessibility: small step.
Tales From The Four Winds

Two years after its 6,000 volumes of folktales were put into storage when its building was sold, The Four Winds Storytellers' Library celebrates its reopening with an open session of storytelling! Share a folktale, personal story, or song. Peruse the books, chat and enjoy good food from 4-7pm. Potluck donations of food or nibbles are most welcome. At 7pm the storytelling will start and last until.....?
4:30 - 6:30 PM
St. Clair W. / Lansdowne

$20 suggested donation
CrossFit Lugal (Perry's gym)
1331 St. Clair Ave W.


Distant Skies – Sci-Fi Edition

Theatrical performance of original science fiction story by Charlotte Ashley with live music by Ivana Popovic (violin), Jamie Thompson (flute), and Cheryl Ockrant (cello).
7 - 9:00 PM
Dufferin Grove

If possible, 
RSVP here.
Gladstone House
(Chris & Gonzalo's place)
332 Gladstone Ave.

Charm of Finches

A super-intimate chamber music concert with Canada's premier flute quintet! Music by Camille Saint-Saëns, Jacques Hétu, Patxi Pascual, and Amy Beach.
7:30 PM
Seaton Village

$20 suggested donation
Deb, Naz, and Cat's house

69 Olive Ave.  Map

Cats and dog in the house. No kids please.
Drawing, Music, and Art Party

Draw the live musicians, each other, or a still life. Materials provided; you can also bring your own. No experience necessary. Soul-pop by Sandra Taylor and bluesy folk by Wayne Smith. Art for sale by Deb Wiles. 
7:30 - 10:30 PM
Harbord & Spadina

Ariella and Steph's house
115 Major Street
Enter at the back right.  Map
There's a separate kid space.
Hootenany in the Couch Room

Music and poetry open mic in an intimate setting hosted by Steph and Alysse. Folk, pop and country covers. Bring songs, snacks and drinks to share.
7:30 - 10:30 PM

$20 suggested donation
The Foundry
(Jane & Chase's loft)
1100 Lansdowne Ave Unit A4    Map
Buzz code under Jane Clapp. Home is wheelchair accessible; bathroom is not.
House Culture Explosion!

Modern dance by Sara Porter, photography by Emily Hill, youth films by The Film Stars Project, and live klezmer and jazz by Brian Katz!
7:30 - 11 PM
Richmond & Spadina

Pay What You Can

PH8 (Lee & Stephen's penthouse)
388 Richmond St. W. PH8 Buzz code 245
Mature kids welcome.
Cat in the home.
Jen & John at PH8

House concert with Jen Lane and John Antoniuk, singer-songwriter couple from Saskatoon, SK.
8 - 10:30 PM
Near Queen's Quay

Free – bring your own snacks and booze if you like
Vivek's house
18 Harbour Street
Unit 1601  Map

Adult content
Wheelchair accessible
The Stories We Don’t Tell: Home Sweet Home

A night of six prepared, true, and authentic stories hosted by Stefan Hostetter of The Stories We Don’t Tell series.

N O V E M B E R  2 7
3 - 6 PM

$10 suggested donation
Sheilagh's house
16 Ridley Gardens

Words and Music II

Poetry readings by Bänoo Zan and 2016 CBC Poetry Prize winner Michael Fraser, live sitar music by Lata Swarn, and an open stage for writers and musicians!
6:30 - 8 PM

Pay What You Can
Catchelors Towers (Kevin & Scarlett's house)
50 Claremount St.
Kids 10+ welcome. Cats in the home.
How to Pour Whiskey For Strangers: An intimate evening with Sarah Hiltz

An intimate evening of music with Sarah Hiltz, whose echoes of Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell and Feist ring out faintly in a modern blend of jazz and folk.
7 - 10:30 PM

$10 suggested donation
Dave & Nicole's place
Email for details here

Cat in the home.
Intimate House Concert with Noah Zacharin

7 PM gathering for food/drink/confab; music at 8.
7:30 - 9:30 PM
Woodbine Heights

Pay What You Can
988 Cosburn Ave.
Basement suite, entrance on the right
Wheelchair accessible with assistance.
House Concert with T

Jazzy classical art-rock. Selections from Tim Bartsch's rock opera, Southern Time.
Penetrating and profound vocal, piano and cello-istic statements. Adult subject matter.
7:30 - 10:30 PM
West Bend

$10 suggested donation
Michael's loft # 501 Dundas West Arts Building
2466 Dundas St. W. First loft on top floor
Salon on Dundas

Food by Michael, funny and quirky indie-folk songs by Erik Sedore, conversation about proportional representation with Wayne Smith of Fair Vote Toronto, and African-influenced songs by Frank Patrick. If you like, stay for the Snuggle Party afterward (see below).
8 - 10:30 PM

$10 suggested donation
Schlangrilah (Soozi's art studio)
648 Bloor St. W.


Cats in the home.
Swamperella Dance Party

From Cajun twin fiddling and rustic accordion, to rockin' washboard driven Zydeco originals and traditional tunes, the swamp experience is exciting, heartfelt and authentic. It will dance you right into a good mood!

10:00 PM - 12:30 AM
West Bend


No alcohol or drugs please.
Michael's loft # 501 Dundas West Arts Building

2466 Dundas St. W. First loft on top floor
Snuggle Party

With experienced snuggle party facilitator Mahsima Tavoosi. Celebrate the end of the Festival with cuddles, hugs, massages, a bit of live music, and lots of lying around on soft mattresses, pillows, and blankets. A non-sexual, totally consensual love-in. You may also come and just watch. 


House concert with Marker Starling at Ilene & John's. Solo performance by Marker Starling (wurlitzer & vocals with drum mating accompaniment).

Eclectic Comfort. An evening of acoustic musical performances from the comfort of home. Julie Neff, Eric Mercer, Tennyson King, Ben Doerkson, Jason Gray.

House Concert w/ G3NERIC at Stephen and Julia's place. G3NERIC (aka Eric Sorenson) will be playing an acoustic set of covers tunes and original songs from his forthcoming album Directions Home.


ACTIVISM: Climate Vigil After-party and Concert (Nov. 21).

ART: Story-Songs and Song-Paintings (22nd), Shadow Puppetry Workshop (24th), leslie ramsay taylor Rocks The Sale! (25th), Piano Salon with Maneli Jamal, (25th), Drawing, Music, and Art Party (26th), Swamperella Dance Party (27th). 

COMMUNITY: Just look for the events near you and meet your neighbours!

CONVERSATION: Climate Vigil After-party and Concert (Nov. 21), Salon on College (24th), West Bend Social (25th), Salon on Concord (25th), Salon on Dundas (27th), and every event.

CUDDLING: Snuggle Party (27th). 

DANCE: House Culture Explosion (26th). 

FILM: Digestible Culture (25th), House Culture Explosion (26th). 

FOOD: International Vegetarian Potluck (20th), Hotcha Potluck (24th), Dinner & Concert at the Bain Co-op (24th),  West Bend Social (25th), Salon on Concord (25th), Tales From the Four Winds (25th), Salon on Dundas (27th). 

HEALING: Group Healing and Music Meditation (22nd). 

KNITTING: Let Them Eat Cake (26th). 

MUSIC: Almost all the events have live music! 

PERFORMING (OPEN STAGES): Catweazle (20th), Silverthorn Shindig (23rd), Tales From the Four Winds (25th), Hootenany in the Couch Room (26th), Words and Music II (27th). 

PHOTOGRAPHY: House Culture Explosion (26th). 

POETRY: Words and Music II (27th). 

POLITICS: Climate Vigil After-Party (21st), Salon on Dundas (27th).

PUPPETRY: Shadow Puppetry Workshop (24th), Puppet Jam (24th), Distant Skies (26th).

SHOPPING: leslie ramsay taylor Rocks The Sale! (25th). 

STORYTELLING: Flute Stories (23rd), Tales From the Four Winds (26th), Distant Skies (26th), The Stories We Don’t Tell: Home Sweet Home (26th), Charm of Finches (26th).

THEATRE: Flute Stories (23rd), Shadow Puppetry Workshop (24th), Puppet Jam (24th), Distant Skies (26th).

WOMEN'S GATHERING: Exploring Vulnerability Through the Art (25th).

WRITING: Words and Music I (25th), Words and Music II (27th). 

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