The Toronto Festival of House Culture is about diversity, 
community, dialogue, sharing, intimacy, and fun.
We stand, sing, and create in solidarity 
with all oppressed people and beings on the planet. 
Our vision is that through opening our homes and hearts 
to friends, neighbours, and strangers, 
how ever different they may seem, 
we will create a better city, and world for all of us.
We encourage people of all cultures, genders, beliefs, ages, colours, incomes, sexualities, neighbourhoods, sizes, education backgrounds, immigration statuses, and capacities to participate.
And we will do our best to help everyone to feel welcome and safe.

Now here are some useful info to make your week more enjoyable.


Unless specifically noted on the calendar, all events are open to the public, with no RSVP needed. Doors open at the times listed on the calendar, and the actual program begins about 30 minutes later. Most events are first-come-first-served, so arrive at the door time to guarantee entrance. Due to the intimacy of house events, arriving or leaving once the program has started is discouraged, although most events will have breaks when you can leave if necessary.


The price for each event is listed on the calendar. All proceeds will be divided among that event's Culture Makers (artists, speakers, etc.). 

If you can't afford the entrance, give what you can. We'd much rather have you come and pay less then not come at all! Just don't plan on paying less simply because of the informal, cozy nature of these gatherings. We think the intimate, interactive experience you'll get of live music, theatre, food, conversations, and everything else we have planned is actually MORE valuable than what's possible in a public venue. 


Unless noted on the calendar, all events have at least a few stairs. Feel free to email housecultureTO@gmail.com, and we'll talk about options; we may be able to arrange for assistance or carrying up stairs.


Most events will at least have some snacks and drinks. You're also welcome to bring some snacks or bottle of wine to share, if you like. That said, these are not heavy-drinking parties, and anyone acting disrespectfully will be asked to leave.


By all means, take some pictures at the gatherings, and post them in our Facebook event afterwards! However, the whole point of this festival is shared experiences, and being on separate devices will detract from that. So please keep it to a minimum (with no imitation shutter-click sounds please!), then immerse yourself in the fun. And of course, turn off your phone!


While we don't want distracting devices, we also don't want an obediently silent crowd! The ideal house-culture audience is an engaged, participating one – so please feel free to ask questions, share responses, heckle good-heartedly, cheer recklessly, and otherwise join in the experience!


Kids are welcome at all events unless noted on the calendar. Kids must be monitored; many homes are not child-proofed. Some houses have separate areas for them; see the calendar for details. 

If you're bringing kids, we want them to participate along with the rest of us. Set an example by engaging with the program and keeping your own focus where you really want it, even if your children or other children try to grab the spotlight, or make a little noise. A little natural noise from kids is less distracting than parents trying to hush them; however if they really start to be disruptive, please take them outside.


All homes with pets are noted in the calendar in case you're allergic. And please only wear all-natural scents, as an increasing portion of the public has chemical sensitivity.